The legal counselor's lecture starts 2023.10.11


On April 22, 2021, the sun was shining. The company's perennial legal advisers, Guangdong Guohui Law Firm Yang Zhendong and Wen Chuanke, were invited to organize the first legal knowledge lecture on "Treatment Skills for Enterprise Operational Risk Prevention Matters". Guangdong Guohui Law Firm is a senior comprehensive law firm with many branches across the country serving many enterprises.


General Manager Mr. Zhao Jianbo led the company's legal affairs and managers to study this lecture attentively.

In this lecture meeting, lawyers Yang Zhendong and Wen Chuanke of Guangdong Guohui Law Firm explained the legal risks that may be encountered in the company's operation process, especially in the process of business activities, the supply chain involves various contracts, commercial Correspondence, detailed case presentation and legal compliance requirements of relevant nodes. In the process of cooperation in the future, Hongyin Industrial will adhere to the requirements of relevant laws and regulations in my country, and provide high-quality services to escort customers and suppliers and partners. I believe our tomorrow will be better!